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EVS-MW320 is a highly sensitive, wide spectrum Infrared camera that provides commercial, business and military aircraft pilots with clear Head-Up Display (HUD) video images of the runway environment. Day or night, EVS significantly improves pilots' flight safety and situational awareness, both in the air and on active runways.

EVS-LW320 facilitates precision approaches and safe landings in reduced visibility conditions, including thick fog, smog, heavy rain and snow. EVS's operating bandwidth in long IR spectrum to provide clear images of approach and runway lights, runway threshold, buildings, other visual cues, obstructions and aircraft in close proximity. These images normally are undetectable to the pilot's naked eye at night and in
bad weather.


Spectral range814µm (15µm)
Detector typeUncooled FPA
Resolution320x240 (640480*)
Vertical FOV26°
Horizontal FOV32°
Output VideoRS-170, digital 14 bits over fiber optics
Power Supply 28VDC, 2.5A
Environmental Conditions-40°C+45°C
Dimensions, mm22012085
Weight, kg1,9

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